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My name is Shennel, the founder and CEO of Madame Curves. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Sint Maarten. I now live in the United States raising 3 beautiful children and running several entrepreneur businesses. 


When I am not being superwoman for my children, i spend my days empowering women's body, mind and Soul. My goal is to make you look and feel fabulous on the outside as well as in the inside. 


In addition to running Madame Curves, I am a Health Nutritionist, Zumba Instructor and Beauty Consultant. I am what most people would call  a women of many talents.





How it all started:


Madame Curves was an idea I had  back in 2019. One day I was browsing the web on my phone and a thought came to mind. I noticed that plus size women were missed represented in many Caribbean Island where ironically you will find many full figures women.  


To my knowledge there were no plus size stores, only a few stores that carry a small selection of plus size clothing. So, I saw an opportunity where  I could provide an online market place devoted to Curvy women. I shared the idea with my sisters Shenikel and Sulaika and they loved it. They expressed how difficult it was to find plus size clothing, being plus size women themselves. 


However, I sat on the idea for over a year, because I didn't know how and if i could make this idea a reality. Until one day my cousin Toshsnna started pushing her hair care products, with little to no upfront cost and now her business is doing well. She inspired me to take another look at making Madame Curve a reality.  She put that fire under my feet I needed to get started.  I began reaching out to different  resources I believed could help me turn this idea into a reality and after months of preparation I am happy to present to you a online store devoted to curvy women. 


My mission is to provide sexy, classy and elegant yet affordable clothing to curvy women all around the world.

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